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To Thine Own Self Be True ~ Full Moon in Leo, January 23rd, 2016

“This above all: to thine own self be true. ”

-Polonius in Shakespeare’s, Hamlet (Act I, scene iii)

On Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 the Moon will be full in the sign of Leo, a fire sign traditionally ruled by the Sun: the light of all life! One of Shakespeare’s most famous lines from Hamlet is the perfect embodiment of what this full moon is really all about. Leo is the sign of the Self, most associated with the high notes of creative expression and charisma, as well as the darker notes of egomania and selfishness.


This Full Moon in Leo will cast a huge solar spotlight upon your subconscious, summoning the spirit of dramatic tension as you endeavor to be true to yourself.  There will be temptations and surges of overwhelming emotions, but the light of your own soul’s yearnings will guide you every step of the way.

Lulled into a state of openness by the warmth of Leo, whatever aspects of the psyche that have been hiding in the shadows will reveal themselves. If you are repressing desires, you will feel possessed by a voracious hunger for love, attention and pleasure. If there is unresolved jealousy or rage inside, your fangs will glint menacingly in the moonlight.


With the addition of another powerful transit, Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto, this Full Moon will bring a feeling of being lit up inside, filled with purpose, but heavily crowned.  Your thoughts and words will not just skim the surface, but will be dredged up from deeper and darker places.  The Plutonian influence over Mercury deeply magnifies hypnotic powers of seduction. Stay above reproach by meaning what you say and saying what you mean, no matter how tempting it might be to play games of manipulation.


Never doubt that Pluto conjunct Mercury retrograde on a Full Moon night may entice you to make promises you can not keep. You may recall what Hamlet wrote to Ophelia, though his actions never matched the beauty of his words and Ophelia’s life became a tragedy.

“Doubt thou the stars are fire,

Doubt that the sun doth move,

Doubt truth to be a liar,

But never doubt I love.” – (Act II, scene ii)



This full moon will offer situations that cast you in the role of the grandiose protagonist, (filled with ethos, pathos, and light) who is shadowed by the infinite Universe that remains wholly indifferent to your struggle. You will feel exultant and eternal at the same time that you feel as dissolute as a shape-shifting cloud. These paradoxical feelings of vast importance and crushing insignificance are the tightened strings of melodrama that Leo so loves to play upon.

“Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be.” –

Ophelia (Act IV, scene v)

The best way to discover what you may be is to return to a childlike sense of “Me!”, which on a Full Moon night will be almost narcotic in its ability to alter your senses! Because Saturday night revelries tend to overflow with intoxicants, bear in mind that you are already starting out drunk on the romance of self-exploration.

With so much intensity of feeling, some of your demons will surely come out to play trying to prod you into overwrought dramatic scenarios. Even if you are home alone, the inner world will feel considerably stirred up. Remember that Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy is spoken alone in the dark.

“To be, or not to be, — that is the question: —

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them? — To die, to sleep…” – (Act III, scene i)


Luckily, the potential for danger will be greatly softened by stable Venus in Capricorn, who is strong enough to withstand many slings and arrows and who always remembers that when something seems too good to be true, it probably IS NOT true!

With Venus’ guiding wisdom, and the North Node conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, it is likely that whatever you encounter tonight or feel you need to express will be highly therapeutic and in alignment with your desire for healing.

The highly benevolent conjunction in Virgo will use this Full Moon as a catalyst to empower new studies, business ventures or health regimes. This weekend is, therefore, a powerful opportunity to refresh your inspiration, weeding out anything that is suffocating your growth.

This Full Moon in Leo ultimately asks that you swell with so much passion that you exhaust the expression of Self, finally relinquishing control to a power which moves through you, shaping your experience in ways that YOU could never contrive. The sign of Leo is about developing  the “Self” into an instrument that plays with life force, knowing courage, sexual vitality, and artistic genius to be like various rays of the same golden Sun. 

As Hamlet says in the last Act:

“Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well

When our deep plots do pall, and that should learn us

There’s a divinity that shapes our ends,

Rough-hew them how we will.” (Act V, scene ii)

Aeolian Heart

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Ground Control to Major Tom ~ January 18th – 24th

This week, the zodiac season changes from Capricorn to Aquarius, shifting the conscious self from Earthly Power to Alien Airspace; from strength of character to vastness of mind; from Ground Control to Major Tom.

At the beginning of the week the Sun is still in Capricorn,  adding its weight to the heaviest astrological transit, the persistent square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. All the while, Mercury continues to retrograde in Capricorn, where it will conjunct Pluto, magnifying this hard aspect with Uranus considerably.

I’m Afraid of Americans


This tension will unearth and uncover some much-needed information, like secrets, scandals and misplaced evidence. Expect to receive answers to some long lingering questions that will aid you on your next great journey.

“…Ground Control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown,

engines on

Check ignition

and may God’s love be with you…”

Emotionally speaking, there is a lot of potential for healing and spiritual discovery. The trine between Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces continues from last week, inspiring you to channel your lust and passion into something that considers the greater good. 


Praying – 1972

This is a sublime moment to experience the immense support that the universe will offer to those who are selfless in their actions: teaching for the sake of teaching, writing for the sake of writing, offering for the sake of offering, etc… You may feel naturally drawn to sacrifice your own personal ambition for a higher purpose.


“…I’m stepping through the door

And I’m floating

in a most peculiar way

And the stars look very different today…”

The Sun will be changing signs from Capricorn into Aquarius on Wednesday, ushering in a time of intellectual experimentation and dream-time adventures. On this day, Venus will also be shifting from Sagittarius into Capricorn, offering more earthen strength of spirit to those who take the Aquarian call to explore the outreaches of inner and outer space.

The Man Who Fell To Earth


“…For here

Am I sitting in a tin can

Far above the world

Planet Earth is blue

And there’s nothing I can do

Though I’m past

one hundred thousand miles

I’m feeling very still…”

On Saturday, the Moon will be full in the sign of Leo. This full moon will offer situations that cast you in the role of the grandiose protagonist, (filled with ethos, pathos, and light) who is shadowed by the infinite Universe in the background that remains wholly indifferent to your struggle.

You will feel at once totally embodied and enamored with life, at the same time that you realize that you only amount to a speck of stardust in god’s eye. These paradoxical feelings are the tightened strings of melodrama that Leo so loves to pluck.


“…Here am I floating

round my tin can

Far above the Moon

Planet Earth is blue

And there’s nothing I can do…”


FullSizeRender (17) (1)
I. Five of Swords II. Nine of Wands III. The Chariot


Monday/Tuesday- Five of Swords

On Monday, the trine between Mars and Neptune is aligning the drive for conquest with ideals of compassion. However, the Five of Swords indicates that this influence is resisted at first since there is always a struggle to release the fear of failure and to soften your definitions of success. You will face your fear of losing control.

“…Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?…”

On Tuesday, Venus in Sagittarius will square the Nodes of the Moon (North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces) making the strengths and weaknesses in at least five major areas of your life utterly apparent: relationships, finances, values, self-worth and creative expression.  To handle all this internal confrontation you might say:

“I accept my fear and release it to be transformed into vital energy and inspiration!”

Ziggy Stardust – Rolling Stone – 1972


Wednesday/Thursday – 9 of Wands

In perfect response to your emotional healing during the beginning of the week, the 9 of Wands promises that you will be able to summon the energy needed for whatever task is at hand, whether you still feel afraid or not.

Old wounds that you once tried to hide will now be exposed to the light and heat of inspired action! The final hours of the Sun’s transit through Capricorn have offered some pause for reflection regarding the resilience and dexterity that you have accumulated over the last month.

On Wednesday, as the Sun moves into Aquarius, a larger picture of humanity will form, taken from the edge of the known universe and beyond some of your former boundaries of imagination.

“…Far above the world

Planet Earth is blue…”

Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn will square Uranus in Aries, exposing secrets, uncovering information, and offering new insights into old problems.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – The Chariot

David Bowie & Iman leaving Cicada Restaurant

This weekend will star the Full Moon in Leo, with Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde as the supporting cast. On Friday, Mercury will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, the perfect aspect to describe the psychopomp’s journey between the worlds. You can imagine that this is the moment when Mercury receives specific instructions from the Lord of the Underworld about what must be done in order to bring balance between the living and the dead.

AMPAS Gold Standard Series
The Goblin King in the Labyrinth

Internally, you may feel called to spend much time deep in meditation. You may find that synchronicities lead you to discover something that was hidden in plain sight. Or, you may suddenly feel that you can detach from or disconnect from something which has long had you paralyzed.

On Saturday, Venus moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn, transforming her spirit from fire to earth; from spirit to body; from effervescent faith to cold-hard reality. With Venus in Capricorn, integrity will be valued far more than anything else in relationships and business dealings.

The Full Moon in Leo on Saturday marks the halfway point of the lunar cycle begun on January 9th, when the New Moon haunted the sign of Capricorn. “Know thyself. Be enslaved by nothing and inspired by everything.” was the mantra of the New Moon.


So on Saturday, in keeping with the lunar light of Leo, the Self that you must know will emerge in a hugely aggrandized way. Considering the selfless actions you took at the beginning of the week, this return to a childlike sense of “Me!” will probably make you feel pretty high! Because Saturday night revelries tend to overflow with narcotics and intoxicants, bear in mind that you are already starting out drunk on your own glorious ego.


Luckily, the potential for lunacy will be greatly softened by stable Venus in Capricorn, who always remembers that when something seems too good to be true, it probably IS NOT true! With Venus’ guiding wisdom, this should be a really good night for a party!

On Sunday, the conjunction between Mercury retrograde and Pluto in Capricorn will still be holding steady, just like the conjunction between Jupiter retrograde in Virgo and the North Node in Virgo. Sunday is, therefore, a day when the themes of the week can be reviewed for their value and usefulness in correcting one’s errors and replicating one’s successes. With the Moon still in Leo, Sunday is a moment to consider what The Chariot card has to teach about the progression of the Self.


The Chariot indicates that the Self is meant to be discovered and embodied so that one’s true will can be directed towards “driving” the evolution of your spirit. Rather than life being passively experienced, external events can become a shapeshifting mirror of your true will, where synchronicities abound offering endless guidance to your awakened senses.

The driver of the Chariot is armored and transported by a higher purpose with enough faith to know that everything will unfold in a manner that ultimately leads to victory. Use Sunday to recalibrate your sense of direction and go forth into the unknown!

“…Commencing countdown, engines on (Five, Four, Three)
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you (Two, One, Liftoff)…”


Aeolian Heart

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I Think I Was Enchanted ~ January 11th-17th, 2016

I Think I Was Enchanted

by Emily Dickinson

I think I was enchanted

When first a sombre Girl—

I read that Foreign Lady—

The Dark—felt beautiful— 

And whether it was noon at night—

Or only Heaven—at Noon—

For very Lunacy of Light

I had not power to tell—


The Bees—became as Butterflies—

The Butterflies—as Swans—

Approached—and spurned the narrow Grass—

And just the meanest Tunes


That Nature murmured to herself

To keep herself in Cheer—

I took for Giants—practising

Titanic Opera—


The Days—to Mighty Metres stept—

The Homeliest—adorned

As if unto a Jubilee

’Twere suddenly confirmed—


I could not have defined the change—

Conversion of the Mind

Like Sanctifying in the Soul—

Is witnessed—not explained—


’Twas a Divine Insanity—

The Danger to be Sane

Should I again experience—

’Tis Antidote to turn—


To Tomes of solid Witchcraft—

Magicians be asleep—

But Magic—hath an Element

Like Deity—to keep

The great American poet, Emily Dickinson, was well aware of the power of poetry to stimulate the alteration of one’s consciousness. In the poem, she acknowledges herself as a transcendent visionary awakened to magical consciousness through the enchantment of poetry.

“I Read that Foreign Lady” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

In I Think I Was Enchanted, Dickinson confesses that her poetic gifts come from the realm of mystery, where the dark is beautiful and amorphous, obliterating the mundane world with ecstatic revelation. Dickinson offers the reader the same enchantment of spirit through her immense vision of the anima, where the unifying soul or breath of life is made manifest in all things.

This week will be one that will recall many of the themes from this poem. Expect a magical awakening!

The Voyage of Life-Youth -by Thomas Cole -1842

Having set intentions for the year on the Solstice, at the New Year, and again during last weekend’s New Moon in Capricorn, the waxing moon will finally begin to lead you towards the natural realization of many of your goals this week.

There will be several excellent aspects to Jupiter, sure to brighten your enthusiasm and inventiveness. Meanwhile, the lingering Uranus- Pluto square continues to clear away self-deception, leading you towards your own revelations and initiations into divine consciousness!


This week will offer many opportunities for conversion of the mind through transcendent experience. Also, with Mercury in retrograde, the power of language to evoke revelation will continue to increase.

During the retrograde, habitual thought patterns are interrupted, creating perceptual dissonance, discord and disharmony. But, these interruptions in your routine are ultimately for your benefit because without the introduction of new modes of thought, there would be worlds of emotional experience and philosophical inquiry that you would miss out on entirely. In other words, Mercury retrogrades prevent you from becoming mentally blasé.

There is a lot of creative support from the planets this week, but with both Jupiter and Mercury retrograde, it stands to reason that your creative endeavors will involve re-visiting and revising old projects and pastimes that perhaps you have not considered in awhile.

Penning A Letter by George Goodwin Killburne
It may be that you are able to write a poem like Dickinson’s, recalling a profound moment in the past when you were initiated into art, magic, and/or spirituality.

Or, it may be that you finally finish a song that you started writing ten years ago, adding a decade of new life experience to its meaning. Or perhaps you might pick up where you left off with an old friend, finally putting the past behind you, no longer allowing it to ruin your relationship.

No matter how this week manifests in circumstance, there is a lot of progress and expansion to be made and perhaps even a conversion experience. You may drastically shift an opinion or totally transform a lingering habit into something fruitful.


January 11th-18
I. Ace of Wands II. Knight of Swords III. Justice

Monday/Tuesday: The Ace of Wands

On Tuesday, Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Old friendships may feel revitalized and new friendships can be forged very favorably. This will be a great day to revive any aspect of your life that seems stagnant, or to actually “upcycle” old clothes and furniture into something fresh and delightful to your senses.

“And whether it was noon at night—

Or only Heaven—at Noon—

For very Lunacy of Light

I had not power to tell—. . .”

The Ace of Wands promises a breakthrough moment of inspiration, where the phrase, carpe diem will resonate powerfully with your will to experiment with your life.


You may feel sleepless, not in a ragged worn out way, but in a “touched by genius” sort of way. The “very Lunacy of Light” will illuminate some new way of proceeding towards your greatest ambitions, even as your greatest ambitions shape-shift, altering their meaning and purpose.

“The Bees—became as Butterflies—

The Butterflies—as Swans—

Wednesday/Thursday: The Knight of Swords

On Wednesday, as the Sun in Capricorn makes a perfect trine to Jupiter in Virgo, there will be some feeling of exuberance and celebration in the air.

“…The Days—to Mighty Metres stept—

The Homeliest—adorned

As if unto a Jubilee

’Twere suddenly confirmed—”

This makes the middle of the week an excellent time to begin anything that needs a boost of cheerful optimism. This is an aspect between earth signs, so practical endeavors that pertain to your safety, security, and health will be highly favored.

Lamia by John William Waterhouse (1905)

The Knight of Swords indicates that you are likely to receive good news in the middle of the week. In fact, between Venus trined Uranus and the Sun trined Jupiter, it’s quite likely that you’ll enjoy some kind of creative and/or financial opportunity.

To strengthen the impact of this abundant good fortune, on Thursday, Mercury will conjunct the Sun and join the trine to Jupiter. This brings a lot of powerful ability in regards to being able to revise and rethink your own work.

vase-of-flowers-in-the-winter-gardenFor example, you might replant your garden with a more intelligent understanding of how to help everything to flourish.

You might re-write a business plan with much better knowledge of how to apply your ideas to the real world.

Or maybe, you will finally guess the correct lottery numbers, having tried and failed so many times before.

No matter what happens, this is a brilliant day for you to feel good about life and thankful for the opportunity to experience it.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Justice

“…I could not have defined the change—

Conversion of the Mind

Like Sanctifying in the Soul—

Is witnessed—not explained—”

On Saturday, Mars in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces, perhaps diffusing any super competitive tendencies. With consideration to the Uranus/Pluto square and the Mercury retrograde, this aspect may evoke experiences that are both dreamy and delusional: perhaps even summoning a profound mystical experience or shocking synchronicity. It will likely be something, “witnessed – not explained.

La Via Lattea by Alfred Stevens (1885)

In addition, Venus is squaring Jupiter, which inspires an indulgent luxurious quality to these days. Throw a party for yourself! That would be in the spirit of this weekend. You will feel called to immerse yourself in pleasure.

However, this square may create one of those moments when benevolent Jupiter becomes overindulgent, ultimately creating issues of overeating, overspending, and overdoing everything. This is where the Justice card offers its advice.

justiceThe Justice card, in concert with the Ace of Wands from the beginning of the week, indicates that there is great good fortune coming your way. (Jupiter has been busy) However, Justice reminds you to remain objective and rational rather than getting giddy on the bubbles.

The Justice card is one that foretells of the need to be decisive. Nine times out of ten, in order to make good decisions, one must not get drunk on optimism. The danger of doing so leads to becoming a person with an inflated ego that believes their own hype. (always a trainwreck waiting to happen)

 “’Twas a Divine Insanity—

The Danger to be Sane

Should I again experience—

’Tis Antidote to turn—”

Enjoy yourself and celebrate this weekend, but with forbearance and modesty. Remember that in order to handle any kind of success long-term, you will need a clear head and a humble attitude. And in order for the universe to imbue you with the ecstatic power of revelation, you must remain lucid and receptive.

Emily Dickinson, circa 1850.

“. . . But Magic—hath an Element

Like Deity—to keep—”

Aeolian Heart

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The Limits of Language ~ Mercury Rx in Capricorn- January 5-25, 2016

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

The human imagination works in tandem with language to create the vision of reality that you perceive as your “known world”. The limits of this known world, as Wittgenstein stated, are found on the frayed edges of your symbolic intelligence. This means that your consciousness can only evolve as fast as your language can. They work in tandem to propel each other forward.

This January, Mercury (the planet associated with intelligence, language, and media) will be retrograding from Aquarius back into the sign of Capricorn, offering a chance for you to experience the metaphysical harmony between thought and reality in a deeper more profound way, ultimately pushing the boundaries of your language into as yet unknown territories.

If communication never broke down then there would cease to be a need to innovate it. If old language always sufficed, then there would never be any new words or styles of expression. Therefore, despite the superstitious reputation that surrounds Mercury retrogrades, these periods are a time to expand your mind and evolve your perceptions of reality.

This Mercury retrograde lasts for 20 days from January 5th – 25th, 2016. Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, is characterised by the human qualities of sobriety, ambition and tenacity. Its zodiacal symbol, the goat, is one that demonstrates the innate desire to climb to the highest peaks of the surrounding terrain, finding the best vantage point from which to envision the world in all its majesty. Mercury in Capricorn is all about the Big Picture!gloria-swanson-1

During Mercury’s retrograde into Capricorn, the intellect will become very powerful, but its expressions may seem sober and subdued. This is not a time for showing off your wits, but is instead a time to rid your mind of any frivolous impulses and redundant speech which might prevent you from ascending to the summit of your ambitions.

For the next three weeks, take up a study or practice of something that you normally find to be difficult and take note of how much endurance you have.

This retrograde officially begins on Tuesday, January 5th, when Mercury stations retrograde in the first degree of Aquarius: the sign of the divine intermediary (shaman, witch, artist) who lives in between worlds exploring the farthest frontiers of human knowledge.  



On this day, just as Mercury alights upon the Aquarian shores of exiled genius, he squares Mars in Scorpio. In the midst of the aggression that is aroused by this aspect, you may encounter a sudden explosion of competition in yourself or in those around you. For good or ill, there will be explorations of how power is played with in relationships, government, and economy. It is essential that you speak carefully and tread lightly in situations where you might endanger your status.


With the heat of battle still in his veins, Mercury’s retrograde journey into Capricorn on January 8th has even more titanic confrontations in store. By the third week of the month, he will square Uranus (January 20) and then finally conjunct Pluto (January 22).


Norma Desmond – Sunset Blvd.


In a psychological sense, this Mercury retrograde may include the disquieting feeling of being photographed in high definition, very close-up. As the lens of deep perception looms, you know that every imperfection is going to show itself. Know that this discomfort is the best catalyst for inspiring you to reach for higher consciousness. As your language changes, it will lead you into a new world of imagination.


The benefits of this retrograde are that you may suddenly find a way in which to change your situation for the better, especially around the New Moon in Capricorn on Saturday, January 9th. This first New Moon of the year is a brilliant time to declare that you will be victorious in all your endeavors! This union of the Capricorn Sun with the Moon, a few degrees from Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries represents such a potent formation that it might summon a new era that is almost mythological in its impact on your life’s narrative.


Suffice it to say that on a human level, there will be some internal and external challenges in your experience that will demand all of your integrity. As a trickster god, it is Mercury’s intention to teach you, come hell or high water, what the difference between lip-service and honesty is.

What do you really want out of life?



Many will perceive that communication is breaking down because semantics and sophistry are of little use during this time. Those forms of language are confining and suffocating prisons for the mind. During Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, you will not be afforded all the familiar hiding places under polite speech patterns and pleasantries. Instead, you will be forced to remain wide awake, blazing new neural pathways with the white hot passion of your thoughts and feelings.

Your desire for power, if long repressed, may overwhelm you. And your desire for healing too might catalyze an astonishing transformation in your life that puts you back in touch with a sense of authority and empowerment.

During these weeks, you will experience a shift in your consciousness pertaining to sovereignty.  Suffice it to say that this time will pull you into a dimension where you will be required to bring your consciousness up to a new level, lest you find yourself bound up in ideological entanglements.

“People are deeply imbedded in philosophical, i.e., grammatical confusions. And to free them presupposes pulling them out of the immensely manifold connections they are caught up in.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Occasions

As Mercury retrogrades, know that it is not to sabotage all you are trying to accomplish. Rather, this is Mercury’s time to modulate the key of his hypnogogic song so that you will become more receptive to your primal creative power.

In Capricorn, Mercury’s retrograde will allow you to carefully sort through your thoughts about your own sovereignty as a divine creator of thoughts and deeds. This encourages subconscious material to rise to the surface of your conscious mind, which eventually softens your resistance to change.

All the break-downs, the miscommunications, and the strangeness of a Mercury retrograde are meant to pull you out of “the immensely manifold connections [that you] are caught up in.”

You were born to be free.


Aeolian Heart

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Half-Sick of Shadows ~ January 4 -10, 2016


In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells]

by Lord Alfred Tennyson

“Ring out the old, ring in the new,
  Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
  The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true. . .”

Happy New Year!

This is the first full week of 2016 and though it feels like it may be time to hit the ground running, this week will bear much sweeter fruits for those who cautiously utilize a more patient and conscientious approach. This past holiday season was unusually cathartic since all the planets have been direct since Christmas Day. Nevertheless, it is time to recover from that momentum by settling down rather than speeding up. 


The uniformly forward motion of the planets is shifting this week as both Mercury and Jupiter turn retrograde. In addition, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn on Saturday which will be an auspicious time to begin laying the foundation for new projects that you may have in mind.

This year’s beginning requires that you remember the wisdom of the tortoise in his race against the hare: slow and steady wins the race.

“I’m half-sick of shadows” said the Lady of Shallot. By John William Waterhouse

Rather than feeling like a captive with no room to grow, think of yourself as someone who has taken a small vow of silence for the purpose of contemplation. Better yet, think of yourself as being like a photographer who is in love with the process of capturing images and developing film, giving no mind to the time it may take to make the magic happen.

This January may feel like a long time spent in a darkroom, patiently processing ephemera into meaningful memories. But it is worth it to take your time now.



January 4th-10th
I. Six of Swords II. The Hanged Man III. Princess of Swords


Monday/Tuesday: The Six of Swords


“. . .Ring out the grief that saps the mind
  For those that here we see no more;
  Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind. . .

The Six of Swords is a call to let go of the ‘grief that saps the mind’ and the ‘slowly dying cause’ in exchange for a vision of the future that represents the joy of accomplishment. During Capricorn season, the unbridled optimism of Sagittarius is replaced by the determination to succeed.

The Capricornian will requires that faith and optimism be second nature, but never a distraction.

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich

In other words, you must be able to hold the vision of yourself rising to the top as you follow through on every step that it takes to get there. Slow and steady…

The Moon is in Scorpio on Monday, making a trine to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The beginning of the week brings situations that arouse a lot of instinct and emotion. Unless your work environment thrives on sharing feelings with open hearts, this may be a very Blue Monday at the workplace. It is difficult to get back into routines after the holidays, and this Monday will bring forth a great deal of emotional issues that need to be addressed before the New Moon this weekend.

The Beguiling of Merlin by Edward Burne-Jones

On Tuesday, January 5th, Mercury will retrograde at one degree Aquarius, making an almost immediate turn around back into Capricorn for the next three weeks. Mercury will also be making a square with Mars in Scorpio this day, recalling Monday’s emotional issues.

It is essential that you speak carefully and tread lightly in situations where you might endanger your status since there will be a lot of miscommunications and a surge of desire for power on this day. The Sun will also be conjunct Pluto, making your need for growth glaringly obvious.

If you are stuck in a rut, the feeling of confinement will be very agitating! This is a great day to write a list of desires for accomplishments in your life. Mercury’s retrograde will give you the chance to address a problem from last year that you still have unfinished business with. During this retrograde, you will be given the chance to empower yourself to find a conclusion to a lot of loose ends you have yet to tie up.  

The Lady of Shallot by W. Holman Hunt


Wednesday/Thursday: The Hanged Man

“. . . Ring out the want, the care, the sin,
  The faithless coldness of the times;
  Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes
But ring the fuller minstrel in. . .”


The middle of the week is represented by the Hanged Man, one of the most feared images in the major arcana. This card represents a time in life when you are “suspended” in time and space, with no ability to change your position. In this helpless state, there is no choice but to use the will to dissolve all fear.

With no choice but to relinquish control, an immense amount of spiritual power is aroused and the limitations of the body are overcome. Therefore, the middle of the week will present to you an invaluable opportunity to release the “want, the care, the sin” and feel a renewed sense of desire that you are willing to sacrifice for. There will be raw and visceral inspiration being born!hqdefault

On Thursday, January 7th, the Sun will square Uranus bringing a desire to reinvent your soul’s purpose and to revise your current standards of what success really means. More importantly, Jupiter will turn retrograde on Thursday as well, which may bring delays or impediments to some of your best-laid plans.

Jupiter’s retrograde does not indicate that of all of your luck and prosperity will be reversed, but it does imply that there will be a slowing down of those things which are currently in progress. This is a fortunate thing, for heedless mistakes are always made when nothing ever slows down.


Friday/Saturday/Sunday- The Princess of Swords

“. . .Ring out old shapes of foul disease;
  Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;
  Ring out the thousand wars of old,
Ring in the thousand years of peace. . .”

The weekend brings welcome release from a lot of the earlier tension. The Princess of Swordspswl6dth is trained and ready to strike when the moment is right. All the heaviness from earlier in the week has transformed into grace and dexterity, both mental and physical. Fear has been transmuted into courageous action!
On Friday, January 8th,  Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn, which will begin the process of revisiting issues that pertain to your perceptions of authority, aspirations and ambitions.

On Friday, Venus conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius, which makes parties and love affairs feel more serious than usual, but this conjunction is really useful for helping you to project your creative spirit into something tangible like a performance or a piece of writing.


On Saturday, January 9, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn! This first New Moon of the year is a brilliant time to declare that you will be victorious in all your endeavors! Use this New Moon as the perfect time to begin your New Year’s resolutions.

This union of the Capricorn Sun with the Moon is only a few degrees from Pluto in Capricorn and is also in a square with Uranus in Aries. This is a potent formation that can summon a new era that is almost mythological in its impact on your life’s narrative.

You can find the strength rise to a new station in life, transform an old self-defeating belief, or conquer an addiction that has long held you captive. Being half-sick of shadows is the path towards freedom from the ignorance of all the possibilities that your life still holds.

This New Moon could be the beginning of the end of a long reign of darkness in your life. 

“. . .Ring in the valiant man and free,
  The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
  Ring out the darkness of the land,
Ring in the Christ that is to be.”

Much love to you!

❤ Aeolian Heart ❤

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