My name is Rachel and I am an intuitive reader of astrology and tarot. I use the name Aeolian Heart because as a reader I love to evoke the idea of allowing spirit to freely flow, as the wind through the trees. In my readings, I do not find absolute Truth or determine someone’s fate. (no such thing) After many years of immersion in mythology, literature and art, I discovered that astrology and tarot were profoundly useful symbolic and metaphoric frameworks through which I could develop rich therapeutic conversations with people.

Forecasting is a form of envisioning, just as reminiscing is and so I use astrology and tarot to have insightful and healing discussions about the past, present and future. I will never tell you what is for certain, but only what can be if your love, will and desire merge into manifestation. My job as a reader therefore is to help you to unite your love, will and desire…


In Love and Metta,

❤ Aeolian Heart ❤